Route HH and I-29


Platte City, Missouri

The Route HH Bridge over I-29 just outside of Platte City, MO built in 1959 needed replacement.  The new bridge design called for two MSE wingwalls on either side of I-29 to support the bridge. J. A. Manning Construction was contracting to install over 3,200 SF of MSE Walls with a high level of perched water along the face of the highway ‘v ditched’ drainage system, and over 17 inches of rain during construction. We had to accommodate for excavation cave ins, pumping water, and with access limitations. Due to all of these unforeseen conditions J. A. Manning worked all available hours to maintain the project deadlines for the girders on the bridge crossing Route 71. Following that J.A. Manning formed poured and stripped over 200 LF of cast in place coping.
  • Owner: Missouri DOT
  • Prime: Phillips Grading and Construction
  • Value: $95,337
  • Duration: 04/2010-06/2010
  • Size: 3,168 SF
  • Max Height: 22′