TD Ameritrade Ballpark


Omaha, NE

Installation of over 52,000 SF of MSE Walls with approximately 400 SF of MSE Segmental Block walls. Due to the project conditions, perched water, and shallow water table J.A. Manning Construction Co., Inc. had to utilize a water pump during excavation to the bottom of the wall elevation. With the project being on a Lead zone in Omaha, no onsite soil could be exported, and J.A. Manning had to accommodate for the poor subsoil conditions, and low friction angles within our design. Our design also had to factor an anticipated 7 inches of settlement in a course of 10 years.
  • Owner: Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority (MECA)
  • Prime: Kiewit Building Group
  • Value: $943,472
  • Size: 52,000 SF
  • Max Height: 27′
  • Reference Letter (PDF)